Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fuck Latino parties.

I know I know, my lastest post is alittle late. I do apologise, but I have three VERY good excuses;

1) I've had a metric shit ton of work to do.

2) I went to a Latino party and got so drunk that I bled.

3) Fuck you, I'll write when I'm sober enough I god dam feel like it.

But like I was saying , fuck Latino parties. I went to this special one on saturday night, and it was Terrible. It was crowded to fucking buggery, took half and hour just to get served a drink at the bar (which is pretty typical in all night clubs, so FUCK them too), and all of the Latino guys couldn't even recognise your existence properly unless you had a vagina. Seriously, on three separate occasions I went up to a group of Latino guys my friends were hanging with, was all, you know, "Hey what's up mate" or "Hows it going, bro?", and on all three occasions I got looks that you should only get when you run over a neighbours cat, and then reverse.

And then there was the dancing. Oh, my, fucking god, the dancing. It was like I walked into crowd of people preforming a celebration of my own hatred. A celebration so terrible, that it somewhat ironicly contributed to the hatred it was trying to celebrate. I saw a guy with a patched up leg and a cane in the corner, and thought "You lucky son of a bitch". It's easy to assume this guy didn't received the endless "HEY lets dance LOL" like I did that night.
   Man, how awesome would it be to be crippled? Not only would you NEVER be asked to dance again in your life, but you could actually go up (or wheel up) to people and say "Hey wanna dance?" just to fuck with them and see what they do.

But back to the party. So yeah, everything was horrible, I decided to start ordering doubles and triples, and then after waiting an ungodly time at the bar to get served again, I got a fucking nose bleed. A real gusher at that, FUCK. I was just about to get served as well. That was a shitty start to a long drunken night. Fuck Latino parties man, seriously.

Edit: The girls were really fit though.


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  2. LOL dood. At least the ladies were "fit" >:3

  3. Yep, them Latinas got some nice bodies.

  4. Not when they get older, they turn into apple bodies!

  5. haha, I know that jealous feel about crippled people at partys, I'm a sucky dancer as well :P

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  6. I think Latino girls really turn me on. Theyre so exotic and tan.

  7. loving the blog mate, i really like your writing style, it makes me lol. following and supporting